What’s New in Exchange 2013: The good, the bad and the ugly

Summary: Exchange is nearly 20 years old. It has seen a lot of changes over the years. In this session we will take a quick down memory lane as we review these enhancements and bring us right up to our day with Exchange 2013. We will focus on major new features like the new Exchange Admin Center, modern Public Folders and more and walk through the interface to ensure you have a clear picture of the scope of Exchange 2013 before you dive deeper with the sessions to follow.

About J. Peter Bruzzese

J. Peter Bruzzese (Triple-MCSE, MCT, MCITP) is an Exchange MVP, a co-founder and CIO of ClipTraining, the Exchange 2010/2013 Instructor for TrainSignal, a well-known technical author for Que/Sams and others, a technical speaker for Techmentor, Connections, MEC and TechEd… and the Enterprise Windows columnist for InfoWorld. In his spare time… well, with all that… let’s be honest… J. P. B. has no spare time. ;-) Follow him on Twitter @JPBruzzese,


  1. why not released exchange 2013 SP1?

    • Hi Maruthi, there’s no news on Exchange 2013 SP1 yet. Based on previous release cycles I wouldn’t expect to hear anything until Exchange 2013 has been out for at least a year.

  2. Tom Rimala says:

    Nice presentation. Looking forward to the Next one :)

  3. Nikolay says:

    In Our Organization 2 servers in lan network (Exchnage 2010 (all roles install))
    1 EDGE 2010 server. in perumetr network

    You can subscribe an Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010 Edge Transport server to an Active Directory site that contains only Exchange 2013 servers.

    Does it meat, that after I install Exchnage 2013 I cant use it and cant connect it to EDGE, Before I Insall 2 Exchnage 2013 servers
    move user maibox there
    delete 2010 servers

    • Hi Nikolay, that means that you can use Exchange 2007/2010 Edge Transport servers with sites that contain Exchange 2013 servers. There is no requirement to retain Exchange 2007/2010 Hub Transport servers to make use of the 2007/2010 Edge Transport servers.

      • Nikolay says:

        What recive connector to EDGE shoud I make to get mail from internet to Exchange 2013, using EGDE 2010 server. And what type of Hub Transport or Front End Transport?

  4. Excellent conf, thank you